Our ArmorFilter has become the fabric of choice for lime mud filters. Its unique construction results in the tightest woven stainless-steel wire available on the market.  The high mesh count in the machine direction creates a fabric that lies flat on the drum with minimal edge ripple and results in faster sheet formation and reduced start up time.  Our unique method of installation ensures better end sealing. Nextwire offers a variety of synthetic fabrics for twin wire presses. We can also supply specialty fabrics such as salt cake filters, disc filter bags and AES screens.

Our Products

Pulp Washing and Bleaching
Nextwire has extensive inventories of stainless steel, Kynar and ArmorCloth hybrid woven wires designed to withstand extreme pH ranges and temperatures. Mesh openings range from 10 to 100 mesh to allow maximum drainage and fiber retention. As the largest broadloom weaver of pulp filtration fabrics in North America, Nextwire can offer widths up to 315” in most fabrics.
Nextwire offers a variety of fabrics used in the recycle process such as de-inking, pulping, sorting, and paper making.
Seam and Edge Options
Nextwire offers a variety of seams and edges for both synthetic and metal belts to provide optimal results.