Metal Wires

Nextwire offers an extensive selection of wire belting to handle your most demanding processes. Our featured broadlooms are capable of producing stainless steel, bronze, invar, and other exotic metals in a variety of weaving configurations. In addition to our standard woven products, Nextwire is able to offer Teflon coating for added release, reinforced edges and edge treatments to promote increased life and productivity.

Synthetic Fabrics

Nextwire offers a variety of weaves and widths due to our broadloom weaving capabilities. The heat setting process ensures minimal shrinkage and stretching creating a more stable fabric. Our extensive inventory of woven fabrics can be customized to meet specific customer demands.

Seam Options

Both metal and synthetic belts may be manufactured with your preferred seaming style.

Edge Options

The addition of edge treatments may significantly increase belt life and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).