Caul Screens

CleanSheen® II

Nextwire’s CleanSheen® II has become the standard in the OSB industry and enables the customer to experience up to a 100% increase in board feet produced per screen. The brass electroplating of the wires offer:

  • improved cleaning characteristics
  • increased heat transfer
  • corrosion and rust resistance
  • smooth surface for better release

200 x 16 Mesh

For applications with reduced impressions, Nextwire offers 200 X 16 mesh in both stainless steel and plain steel.

All caul screens are site specific. Nextwire specializes in customization and additional options as requested.


Continuous Press Screens

Continuous Press Belts

Offered in either stainless steel or CleanSheen® II brass coated mesh, Nextwire has the capability to produce a single length of up to 650 feet.


Pre-Heater and Intermediate Belts

Produced in spiral link or woven synthetic fabrics, including a variety of CFM's and coated fabrics.


Indexible Press Screens

Both top and bottom screens are produced specifically for press applications where CFM and steam penetration are critical.

Additional Screens and Belts

Nextwire is the complete source for manufacturers, we offer in addition: tray belts, hanging belts, forming line belts, and custom needs.



Nextwire offers a variety of seaming options:


Tow Bars

Nextwire custom produces tow bars to your exacting specifications to ensure an accurate fit. Both stainless steel and plain steel are used to manufacture a variety of tow bar styles. We provide true convenience by offering the purchase of tow bars from your caul screen supplier, and can even provide pre-assembly.