Our mission at Nextwire has always been to ensure we provide the best customer service and industry leading quality products for Corrugator, Engineered Woods, Nonwovens and Pulp and Paper Industries. As a domestic broadloom weaver, Nextwire offers comprehensive inventories in a wide range of mesh openings for use in pressing, forming, filtering and washing applications. These inventories allow Nextwire to provide our customers the most expedient delivery in the industry.


About US

Nextwire is a domestic broadloom manufacturer of woven wire cloth established in 1963 and located in Star City, Arkansas. We are committed to being the leading supplier in the Corrugator, Engineered Woods, Nonwovens, and Pulp and Paper Industries. Nextwire recognizes our products are critical components in the production process of your industry and can fulfill immediate requirements with our comprehensive inventories, field services and full time technical support.

Experience, quality and service drive our success and guide every decision we make. Nextwire strives to develop innovative products that add value and efficiency for your industry. Through our continual research, development and investment in design engineering, quality control and manufacturing capabilities, we can ensure our products provide durability and reliability resulting in superior performance.

Products By Industry

ArmorPress® Single Facer Pressure Belt
Nextwire® has engineered the next generation belt for the Corrugator Industry. Utilizing innovative ArmorPress® woven metal fabric with optimal wire and mesh configuration, 16% more surface contact is created for an improved bond and heat transfer. ArmorPress® is offered uncoated or with Teflon coating for easy release and increased productivity. Minimal narrowing and no seam marking combined with longer life contribute to increased production efficiency with numerous reports of belts running in excess of 100 million linear feet. ArmorPress® has a proven track record and is becoming the belt of choice among Corrugator plant engineers.
  • Minimal Narrowing
  • 16% increase in surface contact
  • Frequent runs beyond 100 MLF
  • Pre-tested for Tracking
  • No seam marking
  • Inventory of Stock Sizes Available
Each belt undergoes rigorous testing intended to replicate mill equipment tension and speeds.
Bluebacker Corrugator Belt
The new generation HybridMesh has an open and robust mesh structure that reduce noise emissions and increases traction features. This is suitable for universal use on double facer machinery. The surface features ensure safe traction of the corrugated board during the whole bonding process. The belt is supplied with a flock seam.  
  • Excellent flatness and directional stability of corrugated medium
  • Consistent belt properties due to heat setting process
  • High level of transverse stability and consistent belt running
  • Kevlar Edge reinforcement to avoid abrasion wear
  • Saving electric drive energy up to 15 to 20 percent
  • Reduced glue consumption due to faster evaporation
  • Up to 9% less heating energy and about 5% less glue in the drying process
  • Significant increase in production speed due to faster drying of the medium
  • Standardly electrostatic dissipation and Kevlar edges to avoid abrasion wear on heat plates
Engineered Woods
Caul Screens
CleanSheen II and CleanSheen Pro caul screens are considered the industry standard in North America. The unique composition of brass electroplated high tensile wire results in improved cleaning capability, increased heat transfer, corrosion and rust resistance and a smooth surface for better release. CleanSheen Pro is also available in a stainless steel and brass coated combination. All screens are manufactured to site specifications and can be provided with tow bars attached to eliminate on-site assembly. Nextwire specializes in customization and additional options as requested.
Engineered Woods
Continuous Press Belts and Screens
Nextwire has the capability of manufacturing a single length up to 650 feet. Due to our manufacturing capabilities, we are also able to provide site specific material combinations to meet your needs. Multiple seaming options are available as well as on-site field service brazing.
Engineered Woods
Forming Belts
Nextwire manufactures spiral link and woven synthetic fabrics ranging from 250 to 1,200 CFM in a variety of weave patterns. Our extensive inventories ensure that Nextwire has the ability to provide your required material for deaeration, pre-compression, pre-heating or other forming applications. Multiple seam and edge options treatments provide for an array of operating parameters.
Engineered Woods
Seam and Edge Options
Nextwire offers a variety of seams and edge treatments for both synthetic and metals belts to provide optimal results.
Metal Wires
Nextwire offers an extensive selection of wire belting to handle your most demanding processes. Our featured broadlooms are capable of producing stainless steel, bronze, invar, and other exotic metals in a variety of weaving configurations. In addition to our standard woven products, Nextwire is able to offer Teflon coating for added release, reinforced edges and edge treatments to promote increased life and productivity.
Synthetic Fabrics
Nextwire offers a variety of weaves and widths due to our broadloom weaving capabilities. The heat setting process ensures minimal shrinkage and stretching creating a more stable fabric. Our extensive inventory of woven fabrics can be customized to meet specific customer demands.
Seam Options
Both metal and synthetic belts may be manufactured with your preferred seaming style.
Edge Options
The addition of edge treatments may significantly increase belt life and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).
Pulp and Paper
Pulp Washing and Bleaching
Nextwire has extensive inventories of stainless steel, Kynar and ArmorCloth hybrid woven wires designed to withstand extreme pH ranges and temperatures. Mesh openings range from 10 to 100 mesh to allow maximum drainage and fiber retention. As the largest broadloom weaver of pulp filtration fabrics in North America, Nextwire can offer widths up to 315” in most fabrics.
Pulp and Paper
Our ArmorFilter has become the fabric of choice for lime mud filters. Its unique construction results in the tightest woven stainless-steel wire available on the market.  The high mesh count in the machine direction creates a fabric that lies flat on the drum with minimal edge ripple and results in faster sheet formation and reduced start up time.  Our unique method of installation ensures better end sealing. Nextwire offers a variety of synthetic fabrics for twin wire presses. We can also supply specialty fabrics such as salt cake filters, disc filter bags and AES screens.
Pulp and Paper
Nextwire offers a variety of fabrics used in the recycle process such as de-inking, pulping, sorting, and paper making.
Pulp and Paper
Seam and Edge Options
Nextwire offers a variety of seams and edges for both synthetic and metal belts to provide optimal results.

Field Services

Our skilled Nextwire teams offer installations, inspections and mechanical field services. With over fifty years of field service history, Nextwire has built a reputation of dependability and unwavering commitment to provide excellent customer service and technical support. Our teams are available at all times for emergency repairs, annual outages or scheduled maintenance days. Nextwire works closely and efficiently with your personnel to reduce scheduled or unscheduled downtime.

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